Grower & Processor of Pedigreed Seed

Bow Park Farm was established in 1866 by the Honorable George Brown, one of the fathers of Confederation. Named after the "bow" in the Grand River located just south of Brantford, Ontario. The "english" park setting, BOW PARK consists of 900 acres of sandy and rich alluvial river bottom soil.

For over half a century, Canadian Canners used BOW PARK as an experimental farm, feeling European vegetable seed varieties appropriate for the Canadian habitat.

In 1978, BOW PARK FARM was purchased by the Hilgendag family, bringing with them generations of European farming experience. Now, almost 20 years later, the next generation has expanded their seed business a step further.

By introducing high tech seed cleaning equipment and producing top quality pedigreed wheat and soybean varieties, the Hilgendag family tradition continues by persistently adapting to change and devoting every attention to detail.

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